One year later

So... a lot of time has passed since our last update and a lot has happened. The Kickstarter campaign didn't quite go as planned, but many lessons have been learned. While I won't be jumping back into the crowdfunding ring for awhile, overall the experience was positive.

I put NG:A down for awhile, to jump at the opportunity to work again at BioWare on Dragon Age Inquisition. Now that I have some free time again on my hands, I'll be posting essentially all the content that was used in Kickstarter over the next few days and hopefully get some new stuff posted as soon as it becomes available. Tonight we'll start with a gameplay video and the characters that have been previously revealed on this site

Here's a longer look at gameplay in NG:A. In this video the heroes are charged with defending a VIP located in a building. The defend the building, but things take a turn when the VIP emerges from the building.

And here's a peak at the characters we have revealed thus far on the site, plus some more silhouettes of the character we will be posting in the next few days.

Kickstarter is GO!

The time has finally arrived, our Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! Check it out HERE

Upgrades Anyone?

Good news everyone, Northern Guard: Assault has finally been submitted to KickStarter! If everything goes according to plan, look for the campaign to start early next week. (Don't worry we'll let you know...)

To whet your appetite, check out this screenshot.

This is the stat page\upgrade menu. Each heroes' powers can be upgraded up to five times. You can also upgrade subsets of the stats (not shown).

Control the Map

A core component of Tower Defense games is the ability to manipulate the path creeps (enemies) take to their target in order to maximize damage to said creeps. This series of pics demonstrates, even though Northern Guard: Assault doesn't use traditional towers, the player still has the ability to affect the creep's path by manipulating the environment with their hero's special abilities.

Basic Game Loop

Here is the first look at gameplay of Northern Guard: Assault! The video demonstrates the basic game loop as the Avatar dispatches a handful of enemies. Keep in mind that this is an early build and doesn't contain all the features that will be in the final product; but don't worry, we'll be showing off all the features of the game over the next couple weeks prior to the launch of our KickStarter campaign.

Let us know what you think!

Powered by Unity 3D

Northern Guard: Assault will be powered by Unity3D. Here is an early screenshot of the game in editor. Already much has improved, but this small taste gives you an idea of the general look of the game!

Reveal #4: "Silver Spider"

Hello Guardians! Apologies for the lack of updates over the past couple months; we've been busy preparing for our KickStarter campaign that will be starting mid-March. As such we'll be posting updates leading up to the big day; starting right now with this reveal of the fourth hero of Northern Guard.

So with that, here is Silver Spider!

Armed with dual Eskrima fighting sticks, he blends a myriad of martials art with mysterious elemental powers. While the nature of his powers are a mystery to the team, it provides Silver Spider with enhanced perception and speed allowing him to weave a lightning storm of melee strikes. It can also be focused into a single punishing attack. In addition, should it come to it, he is able to heal himself.

Reveal #3: "Golem"

Here comes the muscle!

Golem is an ancient stone warrior who now calls Canada his home. His powers are obvious, this behemoth is impervious to most attacks and able to deal out an immense amount of damage. The downside? He is slow-moving and doesn't respond to conventional healing technologies. Besides punching, he is known for his "clothesline-to-hell" and a penchant for using nearby enemies as battering rams.

Next: The baton twirling martial artist

Reveal #2: "Black Scope"

The next member of the Northern Guard is revealed, "Black Scope"!

He is second-in-command of the unit and is the team's Science Lead. His specialty focuses on the study of Dark Energy, energy he is able to wield into pinpoint accurate blasts that slow, as well as damage, enemies. He can also manipulate the energy into a temporary drop shield that slows enemies as they move through it. Additionally, Black Scope is adept at scanning, detecting and identifying incoming enemies at long ranges; tactical intelligence that yields a strategic advantage, enabling a stronger defense.

Other bits of news: The forum should be up and running by the end of the week. A sample of the game`s soundtrack will be posted soon. The tentative start of our KickStarter campaign is planned for the end of this month. And the next hero reveal will be posted early next week, this time it will be the stone warrior!

First Reveal: "The Avatar"

Exciting news! Take a look at the first playable hero in NG:A, "The Avatar". It shouldn't be too big of a surprise that the field commander of a team of Canadian superheroes is a Canadian themed hero. This red and silver armor-clad hero has the ability to generate multi-use electro magnetic fields; they can be used to create a personal shield to block ranged attacks and increases defense against melee attacks or it can be directed towards enemy units to deliver an intense neural shock! "The Avatar" is a capable fighter able to use both melee and short ranged attacks effeciently. This allows him to be used in multiple ways on the battlefield in any role.

In other upcoming news, our forum should be up and running in the next couple weeks; here you will be able to discuss all the latest news and progress of the NG:A, as well as anything hero related! Also coming up; more information regarding the soon-to-be-started KickStarter campaign! There have been a lot of interesting Canadian driven projects on KickStarter and we can't wait to join them. Of course with that we will also give a glimpse of game play (okay, much more than a glimpse). Finally, we will be revealing the next hero soon, so stay tuned. Here's a hint, this hero has the ability to wield dark energy!

Heroes - First Look:

This isn't much of a first look, but we've learned from other popular superhero games it is not unusual, expected in fact, to post teaser "silhouette" pics of the heroes that are soon-to-be revealed. So here is the first half of the team of heroes that will be available in NG:A.

Okay, maybe we'll give just a little more to build a better idea as to what we're dealing with here. The first is the field commander of the team. The second is the muscle of the team; by that we mean a truly chiseled physique. The third is the serene martial arts master. And finally we have the second-in-command of Northern Guard and one of two flyers on the team.

Game details:

Take command of the Northern Guard; a joint military and civilian team of elite superheroes charged with protecting the country from an insidious invasion by super-powered villains

Northern Guard: Assault is a Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy game hybrid that uses super powered mobile units instead of the traditional stationary turrets, which leads to a new evolution in the Tower Defense genre. Read on to learn about the many features that make Northern Guard: Assault a standout defense game.

NG:A will be released on the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Android platforms.


Descriptions follow the list.

Upgradeable Mobile Units:

The field of combat is always changing; mobile units are an absolute must when the battle shifts. Unlike many other Tower Defense games, in NG:A you only have access to a limited number of units, so the expectation is that you will have to move your units and often. We have employed an RTS style control scheme so you can efficiently and effectively deploy your units.

Powerful and Unique Abilities:

Each unit is equipped with unique and powerful abilities, such as generating a devastating firestorm or firing a precision energy beam. As the commander, you have to choose when and where these abilities are deployed throughout the battle. And like the units themselves, these powers are upgradeable individually.

Narrative Choices and Consequences

You, as the commander of this unit, determine when and where they are deployed but keep in mind that with every choice come consequences. Choosing to take action in one area may impact gameplay in other areas. A hypothetical example: Choosing to secure a communication relay over apprehending a known super-powered criminal may result in that same criminal showing up where you least expect him. Of course, there is the potential that making the opposite decision could have similarily disastrous results.

Dynamic Coaching System:

You also have the ability to designate roles to your unit (offense, defense, and support). When deploying these units on to the field, the units acquire different effects (negative and positive) based on their proximity to one another and to the objective. Each unit also has a disposition and this affects how this unit will react to its role, as well as other nearby units.

Interactive Environment:

In many "open map/free-path" Tower Defense games, the player is able to control the path and flow of enemy minions by placing turrets. While NG:A uses free path maps, turrets are not an option. By using the units special abilities on objects already on the map, you will be able to control the flow of combat.